Transformational Healing Session

Transformational Healing Session


60 to 90 minute personalized healing session.

We have the potential to be at peace with a relaxed fluidity about our essence. Often times there are aspects of our subconscious that tend to get in the way of this. These can present in our daily lives in the form of the attraction of toxic relationships, physical ailments, anxiety, depression, anger, trouble concentrating, repetitive devastating events, insomnia, hopelessness and so much more. During a transformational session I use my gift as a multidimensional psychic intuitive to support you in going deeper into your subconscious while bringing in clarity and new perspective to the disharmony that presents itself. While facilitating this often verbal interaction, you will be receiving powerful healing light rays and frequencies that facilitate the ease of shifts on deeper levels from within your molecular and crystalline structure. This is a multidimensional healing modality, meaning that we will create energetic shifts on the subatomic, molecular, physical, mental/emotional, soul, geometric, frequency, light and beyond levels. All that is needed is your willingness and openness to reclaim liberation from that which is no longer harmonious for you on your journey.

This may include but is not limited to Lemurian Healing, Reiki, pranic healing, vibration therapy, sound bath, chakra balancing, yin and yang harmonizing, DNA activation, aromatherapy, entity detachment and elemental infusion.

May be facilitated in person or via distance.

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For more information on the healing modalities used, visit out FAQ page or contact us with further questions.