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Prime your etheric body for deep spiritual growth

A bit about us…

We are in no way obligated to be the same person we were five minutes ago.
— Ethereal Cultivation
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Welcome to Ethereal Cultivation. I am Erin, and I facilitate multi-dimensional sound meditations which initiate liberation and re-integration within ourselves through self awareness practices and energetic entanglement. The space that we co-create during sessions is intentionally enmeshed with light frequencies of universal>cosmic>galactic origins. This allows the opportunity for a wide array of our expressions to rise into our awareness. During this interaction we are opening and moving into our inner stargates/cells by allowing divine sound and our awareness to emanate our entirety. I present methods and guided meditations developed through personal experience that assist you in becoming more aware of your infinite self beyond that of our mental perception and matrix story perspective. In a collective setting I utilize my intuitive abilities to hone in on disruptions or locks within the groups complex energetic system and meet the density with sound and intention to create changes in the nature of the field. This allows for an ease of release while we open ourselves and move into profound shifts and new potentials as individuals and as a collective. This can bring clarity to fears or lulls within your life or spiritual practice, introduce new dynamics to relationships of human and non-human origins, reveal roots of chronic pain and suffering and so much more. When we come together, we create an intricate supportive, expansive field of coherence expression that allows for each of us to tap into dimensions, energies and abilities that would otherwise be more difficult to access.

I am deeply passionate about my creative offerings through Ethereal Cultivation. On my journey I have acquired skills that have lead to my confidence in my ability to support others on multi-dimensional levels. My personal past is flavorful to to put it lightly and I am proud to say that I am on track to accessing my full potential through self awareness, energy work and dedication to my personal liberation on SO many levels. When I look back at who I was and how I expressed myself 10 years ago, I don’t recognize myself at all. I look back at the expression of myself only 2 months ago and I see only a slight resemblance. When we jump into the abyss we have to let go of who we think we are, sometimes on the daily! It’s a spectacular journey allowing myself to constantly shift and flow into a new and unknown expression of my infinite nature. I am learning so much about addiction, attachment, emotional wounding, self awareness, empowerment, community, connection, health, wellness and the mirage of limitations. I always remind myself that I am in no way obligated to be the same person I was 5 minutes ago. Moving through these experiences with attuned extrasensory perception has led me to potentials and realizations for which most of them there are not words. It is my honor and my pleasure to offer space where we can learn and grow together. Lets all leave ourselves speechless and in awe of what we are able to embody.


I used to have my credentials listed here… then I realized those aren’t important to me and in no way make me more “qualified” to do what I do best. Which is to simply BE ME in the presence of YOU.