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Prime your etheric body for deep spiritual growth


Physical, mental and emotional disruptions are the soul’s method of directing our awareness to an area that is in need of attention and healing. Let’s dive into the unknown together.
— Ethereal Cultivation
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    Welcome to Ethereal Cultivation, my name is Erin and I am a facilitator of multidimensional healing. I am a Starseed carrying aspects of many frequencies that are cuttently being integrated into Earth and her beings. My purpose is to support you during the ascension process and to assist you in accessing your full potential. I execute this by using my psychic intuitive abilities to hone in on disruptions or locks within your complex energetic system. This can be more easily understood by using the analogy of having many invisible locked doors within yourself. I assist you in bringing these doors into your conscious awareness so we can unlock them, reveal what is inside and restore harmony around the event or situation that has been presented. This can bring clarity to any fears or lulls within your spiritual practice, introduce healing to difficult relationships, reveal origins of chronic pain and so much more. I incorporate several exclusive modalities into each session depending on the intuitive guidance I receive. Some of the healing techniques I use include but are not limited to; Lemurian healing, Reiki, pranic healing, soul retrieval, DNA activation, light encoding, guided meditation, vibrational therapy, sound healing, chakra balancing, yin and yang harmonizing,  aromatherapy, entity detachment and elemental infusion.  

    Energetic imbalances have the potential to cause an array of symptoms. These imbalances may manifest as anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, physical pain, digestive issues, trouble focusing, lack of motivation, self-destructive behavior, headaches, confusion, forgetfulness and much more. Energy work is not a replacement for medical treatment. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. However, it has the potential to work wonders in conjunction with your current medical regimen.  

    I personally can attest that energy work has the potential to be effective in treating physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. Since a very young age I have dealt with depression, anxiety and chronic pain. My former struggle with these symptoms turned into an addiction problem as well. I was receiving medical treatment but it just was masking the symptoms rather than fixing the issue. I was prescribed a vast variety of anti-anxiety, antidepressants and pain pills that weren't resolving anything. Eventually I began to self medicate with alcohol which turned into alcoholism along with other catastrophic dependencies. Over time I had lost everything, the ones I loved, my job, my dog, my home, my self respect and dignity. This was rock bottom. Medical treatment alone just wasn't working for me, I had to save myself or I was literally going to die. My drive to overcome my difficulties finally engaged and I sent myself out into nature, hours from civilization to detox and recuperate.  I suffered in silence with extreme detox symptoms that lasted for weeks while pushing myself through labor intensive work. During this time, I began to feel again. I could feel all of the pain and emotions I had suppressed to for long, I could feel my old negative patterns and self talk melting away with every drop of sweat, blood and tear that left. I could feel Mother Earth lending her support and replenishing my depleted tattered energy. I had finally surrendered and allowed myself to receive healing. Eventually, I decided to go home and rebuild my life. I made the decision to embrace and learn from every feeling, rather than try to escape from it and numb them. After 7 years of extensive self-exploration and healing, I began to open up to my spiritual gifts and really understand why I am here. My soul purpose is to assist our planet and all of its beings by helping them to come to a place where they can understand who they are on a deeper level, and to provide the support and guidance to release what is no longer serving them. When this is achieved, inner peace flows naturally. 




●Lemurian Healing Master

●Reiki Level I

●Reiki Level II

●Reiki Master Level

●Elemental Reiki

●Kundalini Initiate

●Pranic Healer