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Prime your etheric body for deep spiritual growth
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Are you feeling stagnant or rigid in any aspect of your life? Do you feel like there is some aspect you just aren't fully grasping and integrating? I am here to assist you in fearlessly accessing and entering doors within yourself, where together we unlock your key aspects that provide acceleration and enhancement on your personal and spiritual path. We achieve this together by using sound, light frequencies, crystals, reiki, channeling of your higher self and several other exclusive energetic modalities gifted to me through divine guidance, to help you achieve a balanced and peaceful state of inner freedom and wonder..


Truly blessed with a gift! I have been dealing with many many problems ranging from bad to worse . She cleared all of this up and gave me a sense of peace! I now embrace love and positivity! She is amazing! Put your trust in her!
— Chris
Erin is a very talented reiki healer! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in her healing room, and the insight she gave was spot on. She truly has a connection to the divine! I️ was having a particularly anxious day before my session, and afterward it had all dissipated. I️ felt centered, balanced, refreshed and clear-headed. Plus her post-reiki salt and oil package put the cherry on top and really brought the session full circle. I️ would highly recommend Erin!!
— Caroline
Erin is very talented with her readings. It may not be what what you want to hear, but it’s definitely what you need to hear. Her last reading for me made me realize things I needed to change certain things in my life that have done for years. She gave me hope for a better future and an amazing reading! Highly recommend!!!
— Charli
The session Erin gave me was priceless. I struggle with consistent back pain and not only was she able to give me intuitive advice on some things that may be causing it, she was also able re-energize the areas that were lacking balance and care! She also used sound bowls for chakra alignment, which was so comforting! Erin is a genuinely thoughtful person who wants to help others. She has a kind heart and positively radiant spirit!
Thank you Erin:)
— Chelsea